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The Philosophy Of E-commerce Digital Marketing

The growth of the Internet causes significant changes in the global business sector. Electronic commerce constitutes a negotiation model that acquires more and more followers and generates great economic benefits for those who use it. Due to its relevance, this topic is currently the focus of different investigations. In this paper, an analysis of the main development strategies of electronic commerce and digital marketing for small and medium-sized companies is carried out. A systematic review of the literature was used as a research method and Google Scholar was used as a scientific database. This study made it possible to determine that the interaction with customers, the analysis of their behavior, the positioning of the business in web search engines.


Digital marketing is defined as the use of the Internet as a source of advertising and dissemination in order to increase the sales of the products offered argues that digital marketing drives the creation of demand through the power of the Internet and constitutes the process of marketing a brand through digital channels. This promotion technique represents a fundamental link in the proliferation of electronic commerce and in the development of e-business.

E-businesses are currently a huge source of economic development for companies and businesses. Over time the e-businesshas gained more popularity in the global business sector, becoming today the object of study of the international scientific community. In this research, the existing literature in the database regarding electronic commerce and digital marketing in the period 2013-2018 was analyzed. The analysis focused on e-commerce and digital marketing development strategies and models for small and medium-sized businesses. These companies like catapult revenue represent the largest number in the world business sector and provide enormous benefits to the economy, boosting their development would be equivalent to developing the budget of the country where they use to be located.


This work summarizes a series of relevant aspects about digital marketing and electronic commerce today such as: constant interaction with customers, analysis of their behavior, positioning of the business in web search engines, correct selection of channels communication with customers, proper site design and security in financial transactions. These elements constitute benchmarks for those companies and businesses that wish to successfully expand into the digital market.

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