How to Revive Expired Domains

When you create a new website, there’s a lot of groundwork you need to tackle in order to bump your PageRank and get your site seen by search engines. A popular way to speed up this process is to revive expired domains and capitalize on the PageRank they’ve already built up. However, this isn’t always an easy move to make, and can often hurt your domain more if not done properly.

Pick the Right Domain

When it comes to reviving an expired domain, there are a few points you need to consider. The most important is the content of that old domain. Although the penalties for changing a domain’s content isn’t drastic in terms of your PageRank, it’s important to your SEO. Confusing the old domain with a new host of content can decrease your chances of being found in searches until the old SEO of your domain is weeded away.

Another thing to consider is the name and history of that domain. Your domain is part of your company’s brand and your image. You want to choose a domain that properly fits with your company, and that goes well with any other domains you may have. The history of your new domain also affects the future, and you’ll want to check that it has had proper backlinking and reputable connections before purchasing.

Use Permanent Redirects

Another way to reap the benefits of an expired domain is with permanent redirects. Also known as 301 redirects, these will allow you to keep your own, unique domain as the primary site for your company while still utilizing the expired domain. When someone types in the expired domain, they’ll be redirected to your site. Although the domain isn’t ‘active’ in the sense that users are seeing it, it’s still feeding SEO and PageRank positivity to your main domain.

Protect Your Domain

As with any new domain you create, new domains you acquire need to be properly protected. When you purchase a new domain, always invest in Domain Name Security Extensions, or DNSSEC. This extra security will protect your new domain and all domains it is attached to from being targeted by hackers. Without the proper protection, your domain could be leaking your private information to anybody, leaving you and your company at risk. Even if you already have domain protection on your other sites, you always need to ensure that a newly-purchased site has updated protection.

Reviving an expired domain is a great way to boost your company’s PageRank and SEO without having to put in too much additional effort. When choosing an expired domain to revive, make sure the name, history, and content of the old site fit well with your company’s content. You can use redirects to further enhance the benefits a revived domain offers. Just make sure you always take extra precautions to protect your newly acquired domain. 

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