Different Varieties of Ceiling Lights Available These Days

Your home deserves to get the right ceiling lighting and nowadays LED lights have become very popular source of light for both home as well as commercial establishments. As a matter of fact, whether it is your home or office, your interiors will never get any attention they deserve if there is absence of proper lighting.

Irrespective of whether your home is compact or spacious, right ceiling lights will only help illuminate your space better.

Actually, the lights that are directly mounted on your ceiling for general illumination of room or any specific section are called as ceiling lights.  Following are few different varieties of ceiling lights available in the market.

  1. Chandeliers

Nowadays, in the market many different varieties of chandelier lights are available. If you are interested to get ceiling lights for your living room, then you can choose something traditional or contemporary design based on your interiors.

SOFARY usually makes their chandeliers at quite a reasonable price. However, due to involvement of middlemen and their retailers profit with massive markups, for most consumers, it was a bit expensive. Now they are changing, so that consumers can get their ceiling lighting directly from them.

  1. Flush mount lights

These ceiling lights usually are hanged close to ceiling and will attract minimal amount of attention when you want to light up large area. For any home with low ceiling, such fixtures will be ideal for kids or pets who are attracted to hanging lights.

  1. Semi-flush mount fixtures

These fixtures are a combination of flush-mount fixtures and chandelier that are hanged at about 4” to 8” from the ceiling. These ceiling lights are perfect when you do not have necessary height for chandelier, but yet prefer unique light fixture, which can stand out.

  1. Pendant lights

Such lights will create a focused light source, which are as dim or bright as you like it to be. You may select from minimal or any oversized designs, but pick your shape, size and material of your light. If one light is not sufficient then you can go for cluster of lights too for adding charm to a room.

  1. Inverted pendant lights

For general illumination, inverted pendant lights pointing to ceiling will be perfect which will be like semi-flush lights. The only difference will be it will hang down instead of mounted directly on ceiling.

  1. Track lights

Track lights can add decorative ambience to certain section of the home. For living room, and also hallways it can work well. If you prefer to highlight your wall or any other section of your house then can always go for these lights.

  1. Recessed lights

Usually, recessed lights are preferred in hollow sections in the ceiling, so that while switched on, these lights will be concentrated at certain point, or spread out. As light source is invisible, this fixture will become softer lighting option in your home.

  1. Cove Lights

For illuminating adjacent walls and ceiling, cove lights are usually built into recesses of ceilings. These ceiling lights usually offer soft/diffused illumination.

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