Wind Turbine Technology& Installation Equipment

The use of wind power has risen significantly in the past decades. With the concerns about rising energy costs, wind power has since helped many manage their energy bills. The process of converting wind power to electricity uses wind turbines, which transform the wind’s kinetic energy into mechanical energy. The method employs a lot of expertise and the latest-grade tools and drilling equipment like the levelling tool for leveling jackets during installation.

What are the distinct types of wind turbines?

There are two types of turbines used in wind power systems. These are the horizontal axis wind turbines and the vertical axis turbines. Horizontal turbines are common and widely used. Both types of turbines feature two or three blades or a disk with multiple blades attached to the turbine. Vertical axis turbines harness wind from all directions and feature rotating blades that rotate around a vertical pole.

Horizontal axis turbines feature the multi-bladed types. They cover the entire area covered by the blades. They are highly effective in power generation and one of the most effective turbine designs used in wind farms.

Wind turbines- How do they work?

Wind turbines use the wind to generate electricity. The turbine plays a vital role in electricity generation, and this is because the wind twists the propeller bales around a rotor; this then spins the generator to produce energy.

Wind flow strength and patterns vary from one place to another, and the speeds are determined by water bodies, vegetation, and terrain differences. The wind flow is used for various purposes like sailing, flying kites, and generating electricity.

A wind turbine changes wind energy into electricity. It uses the aerodynamic force from the rotor blades which work like an airplane wing. Once the wind flows, the pressure on the blade’s side decreases. This then creates a difference in air pressure on either side. The rotor connects to the generator to accelerate the rotation. The translation of aerodynamic force to rotation of the generator creates electricity.

What equipments are used in the installation of wind turbines?

There are different tools used in wind farms. In most cases, cranes and other lifting equipment are used to lift heavy loads. There are also other types of equipment. These include road graders, bulldozers to ease the transportation of materials to the construction site.

Levelling and handling tools are also used in jacket installation. The hydraulic hammer is also handy. It comes in a unique design and is useful for onshore and offshore piling. This particular hammer drives steel piles and can be used on foundation work.

The hydro hammer is very reliable and offers fast installation with minimal downtime. Other tools used in wind turbine installation and maintenance are; Electric torque wrenches and the gun, which generates high torque.

A quick warp up

There are different types of wind turbines, and they use various tools for proper assembling and optimal performance. Most people are now turning to alternative power, and you can benefit from the latest technology by building a wind turbine at home.

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