What Makes Dedicated Server So Secure?

When you start looking for a website hosting service, there are various aspects that you need to consider. These include uptimes, security, server speed, etc. Of these, server and site security are the most crucial since cyberattacks can render a site unresponsive and cause data loss. There are different types of hosting servers available like Shared Hosting Server, VPS Server, Cloud Hosting Server, Dedicated Web Server, etc.

Most site owners prefer Dedicated Server Hosting plans due to the power, control, customization, and, most importantly, the security offered by them. Today, we will talk about Dedicated Hosting services and look at the factors that make them secure.

1. Customization

Since your site is the sole user of the web server, you have complete control over it. Hence, you can customize the hosting environment to suit the requirements of the site. It also allows you to install any third-party security tools and make changes to the server configuration to boost the security of the server.

2. No ‘bad neighbor’ issues

When you use a hosting service where the server is shared between multiple users, the performance of one user impacts the others. When it comes to security, if your site resides on a shared server, then any site getting infected can pose a security risk to your site too. However, with Dedicated Server Web Hosting, there are no neighbors and hence no such potential security issues.

3. Unrestricted root access

Since a Dedicated Server hosts a single website, you get unrestricted root access to the server. While VPS plans and some Cloud Hosting plans offer root access too, since the physical server is shared, there are some restrictions. However, with Dedicated Hosting, there are no such restrictions and you are the administrator of the server. This helps to create a highly secure hosting environment for your site.

4. Allows you to change port numbers

Most services have preset port numbers that allow hackers to attempt to gain unauthorized access to your server and site. For example, to protect remote connections, SSH is used by most Dedicated Server users. The default ‘listen’ port for SSH is 22. Most hackers are aware of it. However, if you change the port number, then hackers can find it very difficult to crack it. This can help boost the security of the server.

5. You can fortify your database

Usually, cybercriminals are after site data. Hence, the database becomes their primary target. An SQL injection is an example of an attack on a database. With Dedicated Servers, you can fortify your database by implementing rules and installing tools as required.

You can also check out the following video that shows just how secure Dedicated Hosting is:

Summing Up

In today’s times, a website that faces frequent security issues can lose customers and crucial SEO points. Hence, as a site owner, it is important to prioritize site security while choosing a hosting plan. While every hosting service offers the best possible security, Dedicated Servers allow you to customize them to optimize the safety of the website. Hence, Dedicated Servers are highly secure and preferred by sites that handle sensitive data and require top-notch security. Before you buy Dedicated Server online, ensure that you assess the requirements of your site and choose one carefully. Good Luck!

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