How to Choose VPS Hosting According to Your Needs?

Among the web hosting plans available today, VPS Hosting in India is a popular choice. It offers the convenience of a dedicated server at a fraction of its cost. VPS Servers are offered in a range of hosting plans that are priced according to the features they offer. Linux VPS is an especially popular choice in the world of Virtual Server Hosting. But apart from the plans and the operating systems, there’s one more criteria to choose a VPS Hosting server. Let’s take a closer look at the options and see how to choose one according to your needs.

Fully Managed VPS

If you consider the VPS Server price in the fully managed option, you will find that it provides full value for the money it charges. In fully Managed VPS Server Hosting, your hosting provider is also your system admin. They offer end-to-end server management. It is a great option for businesses that do not have the technical expertise or do not want to get into server management’s technical aspects. You should choose fully Managed VPS Hosting if:

  • You want an expert to monitor and take care of the day-to-day server operations.
  • You want an expert-level admin to handle all third-party app installations and management.
  • You want your hosting provider to manage all updates and patches.
  • You don’t need root access to your hosting space.
  • You would like to keep access to the cPanel.

Self-Managed VPS

Self-managed VPS is meant for those businesses that would want to have full control over their site’s hosting environment. It is ideal for businesses that have an expert-level system admin or a dedicated IT staff. They would be the people who take care of the server. It offers full control by giving access to the server’s root level but doesn’t offer a cPanel. You should choose self-managed VPS if:

  • You want to set up your hosting environment as per your own specifications.
  • You want to control app installations and manage them in your own way.
  • You do not need a control panel to interact with your hosting server.
  • You want root access to your server for its absolute control.
  • You want your staff to handle all software updates and patches.

Semi-Managed VPS

Semi-managed VPS Hosting is a cross between the first two options. It is meant for businesses that do not want to get into the technicalities but would still want to retain some control over their hosting. Semi-managed VPS Hosting includes a cPanel but doesn’t always offer root access. Businesses can install new apps but leave the technical stuff like updates and patches to the experts. You should choose semi-managed VPS if:

  • You want to retain the ability to install new software.
  • You do not want to handle the updates and patches.
  • You may or may not want the root access.
  • You need support for deeper technical issues like troubleshooting.
  • You want to use a cPanel to make your server interactions easier.

VPS Hosting is an awesome hosting platform that offers great value along with performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability. The good news is that there’s a VPS Hosting type for all sorts of needs. You just need to choose the best hosting server for your business.

The following video guides you on how to choose the best hosting server for your business:

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