Five ways effective marketing can grow your business

In 2020, everyone’s world was turned upside down as Covid-19 took hold. We were suddenly all spending more time at home, and with this came spending more time online. Let’s look at how businesses should make the most of their marketing spend and be more digital.

Knowing that we are all in this for the long haul gives us a perfect opportunity to reassess our strategy and plan for the year ahead. What should you be doing in a virtual marketplace?

1. Online marketing

Digital marketing activities such as pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) have been around for a while, but it is now more important than ever to have a strategy for your digital activity and use these tactics to your advantage. This is critical in growing your brand, reaching relevant prospects and keeping your existing customers engaged.

This can be daunting, especially if your team is small. Research training courses from bodies such as the Digital Marketing Institute; alternatively, consider outsourcing to a digital marketing agency.

Many businesses use specialists such as names.co.uk for services such as web hosting without giving it a second thought.

2. Chatbots

With more customers online, it follows that more are seeking information from websites. This is where chatbots can be a very useful addition. This sort of automation helps to answer regular questions quickly and easily and is scalable as required. Businesses using chatbots successfully report improved engagement and overall satisfaction from their customers.

3. Interaction

With stiffer competition, we are having to work harder just to grab attention, let alone prompt a reaction. Give people something to interact with – such as a question, quiz or video – and you will get better results.

4. Retention marketing

Once you have a customer, it is important to hold onto them. Last year taught us that anything can happen, so cementing existing relationships becomes even more important. Make sure you focus as much on retention as acquisition.

5. The good old days

As consumers, we are all looking back fondly on life pre-coronavirus when we could go places, do things and see our friends. Including a dose of nostalgia in your marketing is a good way of building a relationship with your customers and finding something in common, helping to build trust and familiarity.

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