5 reasons why you should choose VPS Hosting

There are many options available to business and individuals in the hosting spectrum in the country. Amongst these, VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is gaining popularity in India.

The VPS is a private server, albeit virtual. In this, a virtual partition on the physical server separates your hosting space, granting you exclusive access to a part of the server resources.

VPS is a smart option for users looking for the combination of efficiency and affordability. Here are the top 5 reasons you should choose VPS hosting.

1. Aiming for Expansion

In the initial days of a small business, the traffic on your website is fairly predictable. However, if you are planning to expand your business, there will probably be an increase in customer traffic as your user base grows. In this case, you should switch to VPS, as it can seamlessly accommodate a large footfall on your website. VPS hosting should be the first choice for start-ups and entrepreneurs whose ultimate aim is to scale up their operations. VPS hosting will save you from the tedious task of long data transfers, security issues and downtime woes. This can be of great help if you are looking to expand your business.

2.  Worth your money

Shared hosting has been usually preferred by businesses and entrepreneurs over private hosting, as the former is budget friendly. However, while comparing VPS and shared hosting, the parameters should be the scalability and the efficiency. In fact, VPS is cheaper than a dedicated server A shared server can end up disrupting the smooth operation if there is greater load because of increased traffic, hence limiting your chances of scalability.

3. Greater Efficiency

The most crucial aspect for a server is its performance. In a shared server, you end up sharing the server with other users. But in a VPS hosting, you operate privately and your business is independent of other enterprises and individuals. In a shared hosting, if a website on your server has high traffic, other websites on the server are adversely affected. However, this can be avoided in a VPS hosting. Thus, it is more efficient.

4. Everything in control

In a VPS hosting, you have greater control over the server. VPS hosting companies offer you root access, enables you to run batch files and install and update your software. Besides, you can use any application. When all operations are within your control, you don’t have to worry over other technology-related issues. Hence, with VPS hosting, you can focus on the business without the trivial technicalities hindering the flow of your operations.

5. Excellent security

VPS is highly secure with minimal risks. In a shared server, your website will be at a risk if any other website on the server is hacked. But, the performance of other websites will not affect your website in a VPS. You can keep your data and privacy risks at bay in this type of hosting.

These features make it extremely beneficial for your business. This is also the reason why VPS hosting in India is getting increasingly popular. Ensure that you go through the features carefully before you choose a hosting plan.

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