Tech Designed to Improve the Customer Experience

Offering exceptional customer experience is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Naturally, providing your current customers excellent service helps retain them, and your service can be the deciding factor for new customers torn between your business and a competitor. In a digital age of constantly evolving new technology and online shopping, customers are more empowered than ever. They have plenty of options, and they know it. It’s no longer good enough to be “good enough.” Luckily, there are several technological advancements you can take advantage of to drastically improve your customer journeys.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has been becoming more popular for years in videogames and for real-world applications. There are several ways you can use VR to enhance customer experience. One of the best examples is that you can use VR to give customers a more accurate representation of your products or services. Instead of having to rely on still pictures when shopping online, customers could interact with VR models of your products to explore them more thoroughly.

You can go beyond product models as well. Many real estate companies now offer 3D virtual tours of homes to more accurately showcase what the featured space is like. VR can also be great for product development. Having a full 3D experience ready for shareholders can convey your ideas much more effectively than a 2D slideshow.

VR can also help your company stand out to customers, especially if they aren’t familiar with these demonstrations. It can create an emotional experience for the customer and help to really impress them with what you have to offer.

Call Center Software

Your company’s call center is one of the most important points of contact between your business and your customers, and you need to make the experience a great one whenever possible. With the right tools, you can provide a great experience for both your customers and your employees. Plus, with Microsoft contact center software, new technology can be integrated with systems you already use.

This is true omnichannel technology that integrates easily with Microsoft Dynamics 365. With intelligent routing, customers can be sent immediately to the agent most qualified to help them, and they can connect with your company through their preferred means. This could be a voice call, email, online chat, or any other supported channel. Best of all, they can even seamlessly switch between channels when needed while staying connected to the same agent. This saves customers from having to repeat themselves, which is important since they may already be frustrated before contacting customer support.

This solution also comes equipped with AI and chatbots that can significantly improve call resolution times. For simpler issues, callers can get the information they need from bots, saving time for them and your agents. Speaking fo your agents, with a simple sign-in option and integrated desktop, they’ll be able to track customer calls and access all their tools easier than ever before, making your call center even more efficient.

Asset Tracking

While technology generally brings great tools and boosts efficiency, there’s no denying that the more of it you use the more support you need. Your IT department is the glue that holds all your systems together, and equipping them with software for tracking IT assets makes their jobs much easier.

This technology makes it easier for all your departments to communicate and for your IT team to perform maintenance as well as quickly detect and solve any issues. Your team will have constant access to asset information like models and serial numbers, locations, and who owns the asset. Being able to constantly manage your assets gives you the best chance to keep them running properly at all times, ensuring your customers always get the best from your company.

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