Four Ways That Physical Therapy Patient Engagement Software Helps Make Physical Therapy Practices More Efficient

The biggest challenge facing physical therapists is keeping up with the demands of their patients. With more and more Americans suffering from chronic pain, doctors are finding that providing effective treatment for their patients requires more than just one visit a week. To keep up with this growing demand, many therapists have begun using a physical therapy patient engagement software that can help them better manage their patients’ care. While there are many such platforms on the market today, here are four reasons why you should use one.

Offers online scheduling

A physical therapy patient engagement software that offers online scheduling can help to improve patient retention, reduce staff workload and increase patient satisfaction. This is because it allows patients to schedule their appointments easily, giving them more control over their health care. It also means that you don’t have to rely on one person to make an appointment for someone else which reduces the chance of miscommunication or errors in the process.

Allows HIPAA-compliant messaging

The ability to communicate with your patients is important to a successful practice. Most physical therapists are used to sending messages via paper or email, but there are some benefits of using software that allows HIPAA-compliant messaging.

Firstly, it allows you to communicate with patients on their schedule. If they want you to contact them, they can easily do so by logging into their account and viewing the message at their convenience. It also offers more flexibility in scheduling appointments and answering questions about treatment plans if needed. Lastly, it allows you to send messages to patients who are not in the office when you have time. This ensures that all communication between your patient and staff remains secure.

Improves patient retention

Keeping your patients happy and engaged is a key metric in the medical industry. Patients are more likely to stay with you, pay their co-pays, and continue care if they feel that they are being respected and cared for by your team. A physical therapist software will help you manage patient retention by:

  • Providing you with a better understanding of what drives patient satisfaction.
  • Leaving fewer gaps in communication between each office visit so there’s less room for error or confusion. This means reduced drop-off rates.
  • Making it easier for patients to schedule appointments online at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Lowers staff workload

It’s difficult to get ahead of your work when you are constantly being interrupted. With software that allows for mobile access, scheduling and communication can happen on the go. This means that even if your physical therapy practice is in an area with low cell phone coverage, it won’t be an issue when you need to check in with your team or see what appointments are coming up next.

In addition, having a virtual dashboard with all of these features will allow you to see at-a-glance who is scheduled for what time and location without having to wade through multiple emails or texts from staff members. This allows everyone in the office — including yourself — to focus on patient care rather than searching for critical information about them on your device after they have left their session.


The adoption of physical therapy patient engagement software is a smart decision for any practice. It can help you save money, keep patients engaged and improve patient retention rates. The only thing left to do now is choose the right software for your practice.

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