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Deciding on the Best Strategy of Display Ads for Your Budget

Deciding on the best strategy for display ads is always a bit of a balancing act. Advertising and marketing budgets have to cover both the creation of the ad and the money it costs to place the ad. Smaller ads will cost less to create and charge less ad fees to place. Therefore, they can run for a longer period of time. But these small ads may not be as impactful as larger ads, particularly when you have a product that benefits from large visuals to show it off to its best advantage.

Large ads cost more to produce, as the visuals and message being delivered must clearly be well-conceived and executed. But what’s the use of spending a lot of money to produce an ad that will only be seen for a short time? The key to finding out the best strategy for your brand to follow in creating and placing display ads is to look to the past.

Finding out how similar products did in their campaigns using both small ads for a long period and large ads for a short time will help you make the right decisions for your brand. But what if your brand is new to marketing with display ads?

An Experienced Digital Agency Can Offer the Best Strategy

Partnering with a digital marketing agency that is experienced in both the creation and placement of display ads may be the wisest choice for brand’s that are new to display advertising.

These agencies can show you data covering a wide range of clients that point to the most effective results for display ads of products and services like yours. The longer they’ve been creating and placing these ads, the more extensive their data will be.

But before you choose an agency to partner with, make sure that they can deliver all facets of the ads. The agency ideally will be a full-service agency that not only can create the size ad that you want, but also has a creative and talented graphic design department that can show you imagery of past, successful ad campaigns.

They also will have a talented content team that can recommend what your brand’s message should be. Remember, content marketing is another facet of display ad marketing, and the two should work together to deliver the results you want.

Stretching Your Budget

An experienced agency will also explain some of the ways that they can stretch your budget to achieve all your desired results. This means targeting your desired demographic in the markets you want to increase your exposure and using the ads to shine the brightest light possible on your products and services.

A well-composed and written display ad shouldn’t cost any more than a run-of-the-mill ad. Go over their results carefully and view other ads of similar products and services before you make your decision. You want to achieve the best “bang for the buck” possible. And fresh and creative ideas should ultimately be your deciding factor.

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