Why Digital Marketing is Very Hard?

Why Digital Marketing is Very Hard?

SEO Link Building still plays an important role in digital marketing or we can say, it is main part of the optimization game. Link Building is the backbone of the complete SEO as without it, everything is incomplete. Some peoples still think that Link Building is nothing, all we need is to update our site with good high quality unique contents, share it with social media sites and also submit the unique website’s URLs to the different search engines but, eventually, they are wrong. At the end, they found themselves failure and then, they keep mentality of strong competition. Yes, it is true that competition is tight but, still you have chance to win the game of audiences from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. All you need is to maintain the quality on your site and market it well to reach the audiences.

On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization, both techniques are not less than couple who must need to be together for perfect assured business. Under On-Page, it is important to publish good contents and maintain the site in perfect look for attention on your visitors however, in off page, most important thing to achieve your aim is to do correct SEO Link Building.  The question is –

How to do Correct SEO Link Building?

For it, all you need is to select only those domains which have good metrics and relevant to your business. Metrics must have Page Authority (PA) above 30, Domain Authority (DA) above 30, Trust Flow (TF) above 15, Citation Flow (CF) above 15 along with Moz Rank 3+. You must need to maintain your contents quality with perfect set of high searching keywords before publishing and it will be best, if links will be do-follow rather than no-follow in your sponsored posts (guest posts). However, such sites who accepts do-follow links, you can’t get easily or you need to be hard blogger outreach in order to reach and shake hands with your competitors. You can win them in form of paying some fixed money to add your links there directly on particular keywords or  in form of guest posts (sponsored posts). You can also add links by adding your competitors sites links on your site. Both steps will be good, totally based on competitors. Now, the question is –

Why SEO Link Building is Hard?

This process is completely hard due to you need to hunt the targeted metrics sites from the ocean. Yes, You can get back-links through those sites but, totally based on site admin, whether he likes to add your links in exchange of money or your site. If you just started your business then, it would be tough for you to invest money on sponsored posts and only exchange will be option for you which makes it more tough.

Is Internal Link Building is Still Important or Bad for SEO?

As I said, you can also shake hand in exchange of your site. Yes, Like External Link Building, Internal Link Building is definitely important and it also helps to increase your site authority. Internal link building is not bad for SEO as it is an unique On Page Optimization technique to add your site with your competitors sites or high authority sites like Wikipedia, social media sites like Face-book or etcetera. With the help of your site, they get the free promotions along with you get the benefits too. In Final words, it is an attractive way to get the high authority back-links, an part of On-Page SEO. So, how to do it?

How to do Internal Link Building on Your Site?

As you publish guest posts (sponsored posts) on your competitors sites,  you need to add those sites too on matching keywords on your site. You can add two links with content of 500 words. Similarly, if you content is 1000 words then, you can add up-to four links. You can increase links based on number of words of your content.

Is Social Media Sites, Web 2.0 Metrics Sites, Social Bookmarking, Directory, Press Release, Forum and all other types of submissions are still important?

Definitely yes, like internal and external SEO Back-linking, these sharing is also must important but, all you need is to check metrics of the site before to make submissions over there. Now, the final question is –

How to get Success in SEO Link Building?

After all that much hard road, the final thing to learn for us is how to get success in this competitive game? The simple answer is if something hard, you also need to be hard and at the end, you will definitely achieve the goal. If you just started your business then, no need to worry, all you need is to keep passion, be positive and always ready for the storm. Yes, it will be tough for you to earn some in starting but, if you invested your hard time perfectly with dedication by carefully following set of different search engines rules then, you definitely reach your goal.

If you have any question or feedback regarding this content then, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Best of luck for your good business…

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