5 SEO Tactics for the Real Estate Industry

The real estate business is one of the best and most profitable in the world today. With prospective homebuyers turning to the Internet to look for agents and builders, at present, the niche has an escalating competition on the web. This is why realtors use Search Engine Optimisation to carve out a niche for themselves and to stand out in the field.

SEO for real estate websites requires customized strategies that will help your website show up on search engine result pages. Here are some of the most important real estate SEO tactics that will get you good results.

  1. Do Proper Keyword Research and Optimization

Since real estate SEO is heavily governed by content marketing, make sure that the content you tailor for your website helps people to learn more about the real estate market and make informed decisions. You have to use the most appropriate keywords within the content for your site because they are the gateway for the customers to your site – a good ratio of using them is one to two per cent. You can optimise the site using the address of properties and other possible local keywords.

Keep in mind that including the area in which your property is located as your keyword is an excellent method to ensure you get to clients who are particularly curious in the market you serve. Make sure you use the right online tools to perform your keyword research. Furthermore, the proper keywords will make sure that your content marketing attempts are not squandered, bringing in the wrong customer or, even worse, no customer at all.

  1. Focus on Mobile Responsiveness

Another one of the most important real estate SEO tactics is that you should optimise your website for mobile discovery. Not everyone uses their personal computer to surf the Internet. It is important to give an optimal experience to those who access your website from their mobile phones. They could be using their device to get general information, to contact an agent, to visit a property, or to just read reviews. But there is no reason to stop yourself from giving them a good experience of your website on their handheld device. As far as real estate SEO is concerned, mobile optimisation of your website is key to good results and sales.

  1. Submit Your Website to Directories

Submitting your website to real estate directories is one of the best ways to ensure that your business shows up when people search for real estate services. Make sure you have a consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) across all directories to which you submit your details. This is because if customers find any discrepancy in the details, they will move on to the next option. Large directories often provide advanced filters allowing customers from your area get in touch with you. These backlinks will help you contribute a lot to the rankings that you can secure in search engines. All you have to do is a thorough background research on the best directories available for real estate. This will fetch you quality backlinks that will help you with your search engine rankings.

  1. Write Well-Researched, Optimised Blog Posts

Writing meaningful, well-researched blog posts for your readers is yet another way to increase your traffic and enhance your real estate SEO. They should address the needs of your audience by providing valuable information. You can target your properties in blogs, using its locality as your keyword. All you have to do is come up with unique content that will add value to your readers. The topics have to be curated, researched, and should answer the queries of potential customers. Make sure you use H1, H2, and H3 titles wherever necessary with appropriate keywords.

Incorporating video tours, images, infographics, and virtual tours can fetch you more attention. It is also recommended to create multiple articles on the same content so that you have more options to target your keywords. Build your content plan in a way that will help readers address their challenges as homeowners and equip them to make decisions.

  1. Provide Online Tools

Online tools within content will always attract attention as it adds additional information to the readers. Online property tax calculator, mortgage calculator, home loan calculator, cost of a property calculator, and so on are some of the popularly plugged in tools as far as SEO in real estate is concerned.

With the real estate industry growing exponentially, the online marketing of the same has occupied a major part of the digital marketing sector. Realtors can easily exploit the hyperlocal nature of the real estate business and leverage the unique features of each locality they have a property in. With the right real estate SEO tactics, you can engage more customers and build a strong foundation for your business online.

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