Aqua Vault’s FlexSafe: A Review

Living in the days of skinny jeans comes with its fair share of problems, not the least of which is what to do with all of your EDC items. With pocket carry being a thing of the past, people are coming up with all sorts of creative ways to carry the things around with them.

Some are using satchels, other small backpacks, the man purse is in full effect, and some just seem satisfied carrying everything around in the hands. There is no question that things need to be carried, but people aren’t always doing that the safest ways.

If you leave your belongings unattended for any length of time you run the risk of losing your property, or, worse yet, having someone snooping around in all of your personal stuff. Aqua Vault has come up with a solution that we think might become very popular, and here’s why.

The FlexSafe, from Aqua Vault

The FlexSafe, from Aqua Vault makes for the perfect companion for anyone looking to carry their smaller items while they are out and keeping them safe at the same time. The idea behind it is simple and the execution quite clever. The heavy nylon fabric that makes up the exterior is tough and durable making it so you never have to worry about damage to your goods from the outside. That means but your valuables inside of your FlexSafe without the worry they normally comes with other forms of on-the-go storage.

The interior pocket where most of the things are put closes securely with a heavy-duty zipper. The interior pocket is also expandable making it easier to fit a variety of items inside of the bag. Whether you would like to carry your e-reader, smart phone, or car keys, a fancy MP3 player, or your spare cash, you can be sure that it will all fit with ease. The zippered pocket ensures that nothing will ever fall out and the flexibility means you have to worry less about the sizes of the items that you put it bag.

The exterior is equally as impressive, and we would not be able to complete our FlexSafe review without giving you a full rundown on it. The interior expandable zippered pocket is secured by an overlapping flap that latches into place with a strong combination lock. The lock has three wheels on it which is more than enough to keep those pesky intruders guessing. The lock also means that you can put your valuables inside when you have to leave your things for whatever reason, be it at the beach, at the gym, are at your desk at work. Also included on the exterior you’ll find convenient handle, a belt loop connector, side mesh pockets, as well as a few elastic loops for attaching keys, straps, and other random bits.

Final thoughts

As previously mentioned, FlexSafe was invented people like to carry things around but do not feel comfortable relying on trust for their own security and peace of mind. While it’s true that this locking bag could be stolen in its entirety, most petty theft happens when people go into bags which are unintended. In this product solves that latter problem quite nicely, and it doesn’t in a stylish way too. The bag is inconspicuous, but in no way flimsy. Aqua Vault’s FlexSafe is the locking EDC bag that you never knew you needed.

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