How to Find and Hire a Programmer

Finding a programmer can sometimes be a real challenge. Especially, if you do it for the first time and you are not a programmer yourself. Their CV can mention plenty of their skills but unless you know the coding, you won’t probably understand any of it. So, how do you choose a good specialist?

In order to hire a programmer, you should ask with general questions. They are sure to help you understand what kind of person is on the other side of the screen. Ask them to tell about themselves and the projects they’ve worked on. Find out the timing and make sure you discuss the deadlines. If you are going to hire a team of programmers, you should definitely ask how he handles working in a team. It will not only tell you about his leadership skills but you’ll know for sure the people you hire will actually work on the same wave. At the end of the interview, you should state clearly what you expect from a person and make sure he is ready to perform his duties.

There are many websites and platforms which gather the freelance specialists and list the companies working in this niche. However, you can probably find the right people in the universities, conferences, etc. Some of them even have the second “job” and own a personal blog where you’ll find everything you need. Explore the freelance sites and look for the candidate here. They might work in different ways but most of them have the reviews and rating of the specialists.

One more piece of advice is to give a test project. It can be tempting to hire somebody from the first glance and be done with it. However, you’ll feel calm only for a couple of hours and then you are sure to start worrying if you are paying money for a high-quality service. The best way to avoid it is to give the candidate a small test. It will demonstrate the skills and the desire to work on your project.

You should always look for passionate programmers who really love what they do. These people are sure to make the best possible app as they are body and soul devoted to your project.

Good programmers are always in high demand but if you are looking properly, you are likely to find one. Start exploring from the preferred sources: friends, business partners, websites, etc. The answer is closer than you think.

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