What are the best mobile apps for traveling?

Travelling is the best way to see the world and feel it with your own fingertips. But for an inexperienced tourist, trips to new countries are fraught with many difficulties: searching and reserving hotels, ordering a taxi at a reasonable price in an unknown city, creating the best possible route to the destination of the trip, looking for cafes and restaurants, everyday phrases in an unfamiliar language, currency exchange and a translator, and much more!

Developers of mobile applications have hastened to facilitate the lives of travelers: here you can view the most useful applications for traveling around the world.

  • Applications for socializing: Skipe, Viber, WhatsApp. They allow free communication without turning on expensive roaming overseas. In any place where there is free Internet coverage (all airports, train stations, many shopping centers and shops), you can make a video call, write a message or send a photo to any place in the world, where there is also the Internet and where your subscriber is located. Convenient? No doubt.
  • Applications for orientation. They are a must-have for unfamiliar places, both for traveling around Europe, and for trips inside your own country. The best travel apps are the following:
    1. 2Gis — the most popular mobile application for travelling across Russia: it allows you to map the best possible route, navigate in an unfamiliar city, find the right address.
    2. MAPS.ME — maps for mobile phones that work offline, that is, without an internet connection. This travel application allows you to download the maps you need during your trip beforehand, map the routes, understand the area (GPS).
    3. OsmAnd — version for Android. It allows you to download maps for offline trips, navigate, map the routes, search for addresses, objects and places of interest.
    4. Citymapper — a convenient application for the 40 largest cities in the world (including for travelling across Russia, for trips around Poland, the developers are working on the application for travelling in China). It allows to build the routes, considering the city transport: buses, trolley buses, the underground and trams.
  • Translation apps. Not everywhere the local people know English at a conversational level, and not every traveler speaks fluent language. A list of simple phrases for each situation and translation of incomprehensible notices will be provided by:
    1. Google-translator — it works online (103 languages) and offline (52 languages), it can use the camera and translate notices, shop signs, road signs and directions with it, it can also translate speech.
    2. Speak and translate — application for communicating out loud. It independently determines the language of the phrase, evaluates its content and gives a written translation. The dialogue can be recorded if necessary.
  • Application for reserving hotels and hostels. It allows to find accommodation in another country, book a room for a certain date, look for affordable and nearest accommodation.
    1. Booking.com — application for searching and reserving hotels around the globe.
    2. Hotellook.ru — search, price comparison, choice of the best offers for accommodation around the world.
    3. Airbnb.ru — search for apartments and rooms, rented from the owners: the most popular option for a limited budget.
  • Application for searching cheap airline tickets and convenient flights: it allows to use favorable offers from the airlines.
    1. Aviasales — search for cheap airline tickets, map of discounts and prices for different directions, comparison and choice of the attractive variant.
    2. Skyscanner — similar application which allows to compare prices of 700 airline companies, it supports advanced searching with the best possible solutions.
  • Just useful and convenient applications.
    1. WeatherPRO — accurate, detailed (showing water temperature, amount of snow for ski holidays etc.) and quick  weather forecast in any place.
    2. XE — fast and convenient conversion of any currency.
    3. SAS Survival Guide — for active tourists: best application for surviving in extreme conditions, a huge list of skills necessary in case of emergency situations.
    4. Evernote — personal organizer with plans, notices, time planning.
    5. Travelata.ru — search for most profitable tours from the big list of travel agencies.
    6. izi.travel — audio guides for different cities in the world.
    7. Flush-toilet finder — search for the nearest toilet.
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