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How to Create a Standout Online Store

Today, practically anyone with a little technical knowledge can start an online store. Depending on the industry you want to join, you may have dozens of other online stores in competition for customers. So, why not do some things to make your store a standout in your industry? Look at a few valuable tips to make your store a standout.


Add Unusual Touches to the Design

Adding unusual touches to the design of your store’s website can make it all the more appealing to shoppers. For instance, you can put some background music on your website. Shoppers can listen to some jazz, classic or other type of music as they browse your inventory. You could create an animated character to direct shoppers to where they want to go in your online store. These touches may take a little extra effort as you build your ecommerce website, but they may just earn you some extra attention from shoppers!


Display Your Products in a Unique Way

No matter what you’re selling in your online store, you can arrange your inventory in a unique way. For instance, if you are selling pet supplies you could get dogs and cats to model collars and harnesses to show shoppers what they look like on an actual pet. Or, you could include videos demonstrating how a particular leash or adjustable collar can benefit you and your dog. Anything you can include to make your inventory more exciting will be a welcome addition to your online store.


Create a Visually Appealing Color Scheme

The colors on your website are very important. Some colors go together very well and are especially easy on the eye. Other colors are soothing and will put your visitors in the mood to stay a while and shop. So, it’s worth the effort to seek the help of professionals on the color combinations that would work best for your online store.


Put the Fun into the Checkout Process

The checkout process in your online store doesn’t have to be dull. For example, with each step of the checkout, you could include encouraging words letting customers know they are almost done and they will have their products very soon. Create a checkout process that lets customers know you appreciate them from the beginning of the transaction to the end and beyond.


Make a Memorable Logo

The logo for your online store is just as important as your domain name. A memorable logo for your store could include a fun character, distinctive lettering or colors. Along with using your imaginative logo on your website, use it on your packaging materials, invoices and other correspondence. The idea is to come up with a logo that shoppers will think of whenever they are in the market for the types of products you sell.


Lastly, paying close attention to the details of your store’s website can make a big difference as you seek to standout in your industry. Before going live with your website, look at it from the perspective of a customer. Does it have any qualities that you’ve never seen before? If so, you are on your way to owning a standout online store.

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