What Social Media Sites Should You Focus on When Marketing Your Business Online?

To successfully set up a strong online presence for your business, you not only have to create a business website but also be active on social media platforms, given their popularity these days. But you have to be careful in which social media platforms you choose, you cannot arbitrarily select just any platform or even all of them to promote your business. In this article, you will learn about how to find the best social media platforms to promote your business.

What to look for?

To select the right social site, you must pinpoint what your business is about. If you sell products and services, then photos and videos will be useful and sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube will suit you. If you sell on e-commerce sites, then you need to showcase your products on Facebook, create blogs, etc. For specialized skills and service providers, LinkedIn is most suitable because it allows you to share your professional experience. Reviews, testimonials, engaging your customers also are essential to building trust amongst your readers.

Popular Social Media Platforms And Their Functions:


Mostly for sharing information about products, services, and articles. Share your content about your products here like reviews, promotional events. Organize competitions, engage audiences with Facebook. You can share photos and videos too.


Share news on any topic on Twitter, you can use it to show how topical your brand is and that your brand cares about social and humanitarian issues. It will help to make your audience feel that you have a humane side to your business as well.


It will combine the benefits of Facebook and Twitter, and it is vital to SEO your website. You can write blog content on Google+ also. Writing your content on these social media sites will give your readers more information about your business, increase your customer and your client base. New users can find you via search engines also.


It is for sharing visual content in the form of pictures and videos. You can post the pictures of your products, be used or with customers. This will generate trust in readers about the authenticity of your business.


Exclusively for video content, you can keep a Youtube page to show various aspects of your business in video, like how your products are made or regarding the services you offer.

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Choosing the right social platform is very important as it will determine the type of content you put. You can choose to keep accounts on all social platforms, but you must engage your audience mostly via one or two main platforms which you have to pick and select.

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