WordPress Hosting vs Shared Hosting: Which One Should You Opt For?

Selecting a hosting service for your website is a crucial and confusing process. With a wide range of options available like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc., which one should you use? Since your website resides on the web server, it is important to make this decision carefully as it directly impacts the performance of your site. To help you make the decision, we are going to compare two popular web hosting services – Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting.

What is Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting?

Shared Hosting is one of the most common types of Hosting in India. It is easy to use, affordable and is preferred by most small websites. In Shared Hosting, your website is hosted on a server that is shared by other websites too. The web host manages the server and ensures that it is up and running at all times. However, since the resources are shared, the performance of your site depends on that of the other websites on your Shared Server.

WordPress Hosting, as the name suggests, is designed for websites using WordPress as the CMS. Therefore, it offers features specific to WordPress that other hosting services don’t offer. Most providers offer WordPress Hosting on the cloud to offer amazing speed and site performance.

Which one should you use?

  Shared Hosting WordPress Hosting
Ideal for Websites with lower resource requirements and using a CMS other than WordPress. Websites that use WordPress as the CMS
Costs While WordPress Hosting can be slightly costlier than Shared Hosting services, the difference is not significant.
Size of the business Shared Hosting is ideal for small websites and businesses that want to start small and grow with time. WordPress Hosting is good for businesses that plan to have medium-to-large scale operations or have an online store based on the CMS.
Security While the hosting company ensures maximum security in both Shared and WordPress Hosting services, the impact of a ‘bad neighbour’ on your site’s security depends on the number of sites on the server.
Customizability When it comes to Shared Hosting, there is limited scope for customizability or add widgets with ease. Also, there is a limit to customizing the site for enhanced performance and better appearance. Managed WordPress Hosting offers similar limitations. However, with unmanaged services, users have better control over the customizability features.
Specialized support With Shared Hosting services, you get a support team that specializes in supporting all kinds of CMS. Hence, even if you are using a different CMS now and decide to change it along the way, you can expect basic support from the hosting provider. With WordPress Hosting, while you can expect a specialized support team, they are unlikely to offer similar support for other CMSes.


Summing Up

As you can see, Shared Hosting is a popular hosting service that caters to different types of websites and content management systems. On the other hand, WordPress Hosting is dedicated to websites using WP as the CMS. Hence, if you are certain about using WP as your CMS for a long time, then opt for WordPress Hosting. Else, you might want to consider Shared Hosting as a more flexible option.

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