Why is It Necessary to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Plastic? How Reusable Tote Bags Will Help?

Average plastic carry bag picked at grocery store has lifespan of just few minutes or hours. When they get discarded, sewage or storm drains get clogged. They even get entangled and kill significant number of aquatic animals, every year. Moreover, they degenerate into toxic micro-plastics, which rankle in landfills and oceans for thousands of years.

Understand the significance and need for reduce, reuse, and recycle

In spite of these worst drawbacks, shoppers collectively make use of approximately 500 billion of single-use plastic bags, in one year. It means 150 bags get used by one person every year. Fortunately, communities around the world and the US are introducing programs, so as to reduce plastic waste through taxing, banning, and limiting its usage.

Recycling is the best way to improve natural environment as well as preserve it for our future generation. Taking proper steps towards reduce, reuse, and recycle can make a huge difference for making plant cleaner and very enjoyable.

Each person’s participation can make a vast difference like putting water-bottles in recycling bin or purchasing reusable tote bags. As population around the world keeps on increasing, more waste gets created, so it is crucial to take part in recycling, which is good for environment.

Recycling & reusing plastics

Every hour roughly, 2,500,000 plastic bottles get used in the US. Majority of them end up in the landfills. Reusing water bottles will help to reduce the amount of them winding up in the landfills. Same theory holds true for the plastic bags. You can buy customised reusable tote bags to decrease waste and pollution.

Moreover, recycling plastics will help to conserve minimal 90% energy, which can get used in making them from new materials. To participate in this, save the planet program make sure that each plastic juice or milk or water bottle goes inside the recycling bin placed at home or in the office. Recycled plastic bottles will be used in creating variety of products as well as more bottles.

How recycling works and helps?

Recycling is a process, where raw material from waste [no second use is possible] is used to make a new product. For example, a recycled bottle of soda can be used to produce many plastic items like toothbrushes, combs, recycled tote bags, or fleece jackets.

How government helps in plastic ban?

Globally, 160,000 plastic bags get used every second, which is a horrifying truth. Currently, just 1% to 3% of plastic gets recycled. It is not a sustainable behaviour. Around 32 countries have placed a ban on plastic bag usage. It is vital that America and remaining world follow the action of these states & countries to ban plastic usage.

As recycling is negligible, it is vital to reduce the usage. People need to committedly carry their own reusable Full Color Printed Bags with them, when they go shopping. Government is trying very hard to reduce the usage of plastic [through ban, tax, and recycle programs] but it is our responsibility to play a role in saving the planet.

It is a small thing to bring your groceries home in reusable grocery bags. This can help the planet in so many ways. Single-use plastic bags are bad news. They can be harmful for the environment, the creation process, and even the eventual disposal. Reusable grocery bags can help correct the damage plastic bags have caused and make the environment more sustainable.

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