Things to Know About TouchPal Keypad

Touch phones are very famous these days and it has a very different cell phone keypad for its installed on the screen of the phones. It does not have the typical cell phone keypads that ordinary cellular phones have.

Over the time, TouchPal has continued one of the most popular Android keyboards with its bundle of features, counting multilingual support, gesture typing, Graphics Interchange Format search, themes & more; though a number of these features have also become standard on other android keyboards, such as Google’s Gboard.

Smarter keyboard

The TouchPal has features you would understand like themes, Graphics Interchange Format search, sticker packs, voice input, & support for several languages, a clipboard, & more. The prime enhancements simulated intelligence introduces are the Talia & A.I. Engine.

As an effort to stay on top of the industry, the TouchPal Corporation has lastly launched its newest TouchPal Keyboard Pro out of beta to presentation “Talia,” its AI personal assistant.

TouchPal at this time has over 100 million standard users & is pre-loaded on a number of the major names in the customer tech. Now TouchPal is including an AI engine to the keyboard to bring some new upgrades and a broad range of capabilities.

The TouchPal makes it simpler to get all required information without needing to leave the app. This makes sense since 70% of our phone familiarity is spent with messaging apps. It is truly an annoyance to have to minimize the app to look for something.

All kinds of info can be retrieved: there’s an incorporated weather forecast feature for a fast view of the weather forecast at all times. No need to minimize the application to find out about the weather using another channel, you can just simply type and know right away.

There’re two ways you can utilize the Talia. You can use it to search for things within a chat, so you do not have to minimize or close the application you are currently in. For example, if somebody plans a trip tomorrow and you wish to check the weather forecast, tap on the Talia icon and type “what is the weather tomorrow and you will be presented with a weather forecast card.

You can attach this weather information into your chat if you wish to share it with the person you are messaging. Ask Talia a bunch of things and the assistant usually provides useful outcome, & if it does not have what you are searching for, the results default to the web searches.


  • Typing speed was incredibly fast after some getting used to
  • A fine explanation of security and privacy and the appropriate use of consumer data
  • Themes, Loads of stickers, and fonts to select from, plus customizable themes are extremely cool
  • Weather Forecasts, Calculations and Currency Conversions worked like a charm
  • AR Emoji – shows the company wishes to keep enhancing the user experience

To get into TouchPal, just open any application that needs a keyboard. When searching for the ideal keyboard for my phone, there’s one thing I value most of all: efficiency and speed. Since these days we type so much, calling rate has seriously reduced, typing well is even more vital.

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