Role of DevOps Professionals In The Enterprise Becoming Agile

The DevOps personnel are an asset no Agile company can ignore. The collaboration between operations and development of the IT infrastructure hinges on them. If frictionless Agility is the company goal, they must deliver user experiences that are par excellence. Thus the DevOps engineer with practical hands-on skills, upgraded technical knowledge, knowledge of collaboration techniques, modern software architecture, and cloud computing, is the vital cog in the enterprise.

The DevOps Engineer should be able to bring in good people skills and team communication as modern teams work on the principles of communication and collaboration of members with diverse skills. This enables them to hit the floor running and provide speedy deliveries and improve productivity.

DevOps training is a perfect eclectic blend of skills required to succeed in this role. The course in the online format combines the pluses of training with your convenience and pace. Designed with global courseware that lays emphasis on practical skills the DevOps classes conducted by industry trained certified mentors helps assimilate techniques tips and industry best practices.

Participants for the DevOps classes must possess

  • A fair understanding of Unix/Linux concepts
  • Be able to work with CLI and be proficient with a Text Editor
  • Have work experience in managing deployments/automation or working with systems, or/applications/infrastructure

The DevOps training is especially useful if you aspire to become a DevOps engineer. Those who wish to work as service engineers in the infrastructure side of the organisation will find the course makes them industry ready to lead in roles such as

  • Release and Build Engineer
  • Site-Reliability Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • AppOps Engineer
  • Administrator
  • Operations-Engineer

The DevOps training provides scope for Project Managers, Testing Professionals, Architects, Software Developers, those connected with IT infrastructure, cloud services, or administration by enabling their functioning as independent members in an Agile environment.

The Agenda Of The DevOps Classes

The DevOps training should provide you with the opportunity to explore topics like

  • Problems that DevOps solves and how to transition projects
  • Understanding Continous Deployment and Integration
  • Fluency in tools, techniques, organisation, and culture of DevOps
  • DevOps implementation with Linux, Git, OpenStack, Chef, Puppet, Docker, CentOs, Ubuntu, and Vagrant
  • Resolving issues in Jira, continuous integration tools like Jenkins, and Nagios exercises
  • Understanding cloud infrastructure like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS
  • Big data platform familiarisation with Apache Hadoop, and Google Big Query

These immersive DevOps classes provide you credits of 1 credit/hour of training.

The Takeaways Include 

  • 30 hours instructor-led online class
  • Downloadable courseware
  • Global  courseware and mentoring by industry experts
  • Extensive project work, lab assignments covering topics in-depth and in real time
  • Post-training assistance, support and opportunity to update to future demand courses
  • A course completion certification

DevOps training and KnowledgeHut’s DevOps classes are your roadmaps to success, an upgraded skill set, and an enhanced resume. Technology never stays still and will continue to produce demand for DevOps personnel. Upgrade your skills today.

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