Neodymium magnets: precautions and care in their use

It is true that the neodymium magnet is very useful and has an application that is very varied in different areas. However, although they have many positive things, some care must also be taken in their use to avoid accidents.

It is essential that appropriate preventive measures as recommended by magnets manufacturer are taken in their use, for example, small magnets can be ingested accidentally, if this happens there is a risk that the magnets will come together causing them to get stuck in the intestine having consequences fatal.

Therefore, it is recommended that magnets, especially small ones, should be out of the reach of children, as it is very common to put objects in their mouths.

As for the use of larger magnets, there is a risk that the hand, or a finger is pressed between two neodymium magnets, the clamping force between them can be so large that it can cause injuries such as bruises or even fractures. For this type of magnets it is recommended that you handle with thick gloves.

Neodymium magnets can affect the health of some people

The magnets may have some effect on pacemakers or defibrillators, for this reason the handling of neodymium magnets is not recommended to people who wear this type of device in their bodies.

Special care should be taken when manipulating large objects and weight that hang on magnets, their clamping force is very high but there may be factors that make it not work properly causing what is hanging fall and cause injury to who is under that object.

It is advisable to use gloves and lenses when handling neodymium magnets, as these are usually fragile and if broken by some falling fragments can be fired in several directions causing injuries to the eyes and skin.

Consider that the magnetic field generated by the magnets can ruin devices such as phones, televisions, debit and credit cards, watches, hearing aids, etc. Try to keep them away from where large magnets are located.

The dust that is generated in the machining using magnets is flammable, try to avoid doing this type of activity if you do not have the necessary equipment to prevent disasters.

Beware of allergies

Some people suffer from allergy to nickel and it is very common that neodymium magnets have a cover of this material, so it is advisable to avoid contact in a prolonged way because it is in this way that it can affect people suffering from this type of allergies or refrain from using them completely.

When it is required to transport neodymium magnets by plane, it is essential that the packaging has sufficient protection so that the magnetic fields do not interfere with the navigation controls of the same.

One way in which neodymium magnets can lose their clamping force or at least part of it is exposing them to temperatures higher than 80 degrees, avoid high temperatures reach these magnets.

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