How to Find the Right Washing Machine for Your Requirement

Washing machine has become an essential utility in any house. It saves time and gives clean and dried clothes without any effort. Washing machine nowadays comes in various models that provide different types of features to its users. Understanding your laundry requirement would prevent you from falling into the trap of unnecessary features and make the right investment.

Important factors to consider in a washing machine

These are some of the most common and important factors that can help you differentiate one washing machine from another. It forms the basis for comparing washing machines and helping you reach at the right conclusion.

  • Front-load or Top-load
  • Fully-automatic or Semi-automatic
  • Amount of space that you have so that your machine fits in properly
  • Price of the machine
  • Eco-friendliness
    Inbuilt safety features such as child lock functions that can be a program or physically built on the door of the machine.
  • Clothes handling capacity of the machine in terms of kgs
  • Ease of use in terms of using controls, putting the detergent, setting the speed, selection of the right operation as per the type of cloth that you wish to wash etc.

Understanding the type and functioning of a washing machine

Different types of Whirlpool washing machines are available on the market that comes with different functionalities and features. You need to first understand these features before you can consider them for comparing different washing machines.

Top Loaders

  • Capacity
  • There are two choices when buying an LG top loading machine. These are: to choose one with a sans agitator or the one with an agitator. Old models with agitators hold less clothes that make it difficult to wash bulk items. However, top loaders are highly powerful at heavy duty stain removal and cleaning.
  • Price

Top loader machines are less expensive than front loaders.

  • Functionality

Top loader machines are convenient to operate. These machines without an agitator are called high-efficiency machines. They spin at a faster rate to remove more water and reduce dryer time.

  • Space

Top loaders do not need to get stacked on above or under a dryer. Due to this, they need increased floor space. Though they look inconvenient but serves as a good workspace for pre-treating and folding clothes when placed side by side.

Front loaders

  • Capacity

These machines can hold more clothes and handle large loads as compared to top loaders.

  • Price

These machines are little pricier than top loaders. As they use less electricity and water, you will find them cost efficient in the long run.

  • Functionality

Front loaders are less convenient in terms of functionality. Clothing can’t be added at the time of the wash cycle. This machine can’t halt for longer soaking. Font loading washing machine has longer cycles, spin faster, extract more water and reduce dryer time.


When you understand the difference between front loading, and top loading, fully automatic and semi-automatic etc. you are in a good position to select the one that fulfills yours and your family’s requirement perfectly.

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