How Do Wild Horses Survive without Human Intervention? Here’s What You Should Know!

Wild horses can survive in the wild when they stay in big herds. There is a head stallion that protects all of them. They typically travel in packs, and they protect one another, and they provide shelter to each other through the harsh weather. In case, there is another stallion who tries to lead and take them away these stallions will fight to the death to see who is the leader of this herd.

Some mares fight the stallion if he threatens the foal. These horses will fight to their death, and they die immediately after the fight. Some of them suffer from severe injuries like their guts hanging out, and they can suffer from internal bleeding. There can be broken bones and other fatal injuries. When it comes to surviving in the wild, you will find that these horses travel together in large herds and they have the goal to protect and shelter one another from the harsh weather. There is one stallion, and the rest of the pack are mares as the stallion does not like others taking the mares. They do not have fixed places for grazing, and they regularly drink from rivers, lakes and other streams. They are not like their counterparts like race tracks horse. They like to graze in any spot, and they travel with one another in freedom.

Difference between wild and domestic horses

You will find there is a difference between wild and domestic horses. They have unique traits to help them survive in the wild. The most exciting part is that all wild horses are different. They each have a story to tell. Though most of these wild horses are found in the west part of the USA, you will find that governments and other authoritative bodies are making earnest attempts to preserve their land. These horses mostly graze on grass. Even in winter, if they find no grass they will eat leaves, twigs and the bark of trees.

Wild horses have strong and sturdy legs

If you take a look at wild horses, you will find they have strong legs. Their hooves are hard so that they can stand on different types of ground with success. Sometimes they look a little dirtier over their domestic counterparts. They also have different colors. They come in grey, black and white.

You will find that half of the population of wild horses are Roan. The meaning of Roan is the horse is a red brownish color. You will find that wild horses weigh 317 kg and the stallions can weigh till 450 grams. In the USA, wild horses became extinct a long time ago. When people from Europe came to the USA, they brought wild horses with them. As mentioned above every wild horse has a unique story to tell about how they changed from being domestic horses to wild horses. They can be found in different places, and they are unique in their ways even in a herd.

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