Handwrytten, keeping the value of Handwritten Thank You notes alive

Saying thank you is a strong form of showing appreciation for someone. Being able to acknowledge someone’s thoughtfulness or kindness by simply expressing gratitude is a good attribute of a person. It shows good character while making someone feel important. Sending out cards, letters or note is a nice gesture but it would be better having your messages personalized through handwritten thank you note or letter.

Handwritten thank you note is very valuable. If you encounter someone doing you a favor or showing thoughtfulness and kind gesture, traditionally a thank you note is sent to the giver as a form of expressing gratitude.

In this digitalized world, thank you can be sent in numerous ways via mobile text, Messenger, email, Viber and other platforms. If you are in a hurry, a simple heart emoji or sticker would suffice. However, the convenience of sending out a thank you message electronically would not equal the value of handwritten thank you notes. There is always a nostalgia in writing down a heartfelt appreciation by hand for both the sender and the receiver. Here are the reasons why:

  1. It shows your character. Taking your time out and making efforts to write down your expression of gratitude is something extra special. You are not only saying thank you but strongly express how you value the other person.
  2. More personal. Most people nowadays are losing the ‘personal’ touch due the ease of communicating through digital technology. When you show your gratitude through your handwritten thank you note, you are making a connection on a personal level.
  3. Practice gratitude. Being grateful sends out a good aura that would benefit your well-being. Gratitude is one of the strongest positive attributes that a person could have. A person that is grateful is a beacon of positivity which is good for well-being while spreading good vibes to


But let’s admit that in this really, really fast paced world; we oftentimes find it hard to send handwritten thank you notes even if we are aware how much they mean to anyone. Good news is that technology is here to take away one of our worries. Handwrytten, the world leading handwriting service offers us a more convenient and reliable way of sending handwritten thank you cards online. Take a look at these samples of thank you card messages for any occasions. They are simple yet heartwarming and you can feel the rawness and sincerity of each message.

Handwrytten is not just for personal use but is also perfect for businesses who want to show gratitude to their valued customers. They have very competitive pricing and plans and most cards are available for as low as $3.25. Discounted rates are offered for each plan – silver, gold, platinum and diamond. Additional discounts can be enjoyed when ordering in bulk. If you plan to send a massive 100,000 cards or more, Handwrytten can further slash the price for prepay plan.

Handwrytten products may be made by robots, but the warmth and love every handwritten note or card bring to the receiver, is not lost. They remain intact and they keep the relationship – whether personal or business – better with every note or card sent all over the world.

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