About Cisco CCNA

Cisco is the company that provides CCNA certification. The Cisco CCNA is an associate level entrance exam into the field of IT. It provides jobs in the field of routing and switching, service providers, Cyber Essentials Plus, security, and data centers. The Cisco CCNA ensures that you have sufficient knowledge of the installation, configuration, management, and support needed for internet networks.

What is Cisco?

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a multinational technology company whose headquarters are present in San Jose, California. They are developing, manufacturing, and selling networking hardware along with other telecommunication technology as well as high-technology services and products.

Cisco is a large networking company, one of the largest in the world. Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack founded it in the December of 1984. They were pioneers of the invention and idea of a local area network (LAN) which would connect physically separate computers over a large distance over a multiprotocol, complex routing system.

When the company’s public knowledge took place in 1990, Cisco’s market capital had reached $224 million. By the year 2000, Cisco was a highly respected company with over a $500 billion market capitalization.

Cisco Certifications

Cisco Systems offers a number of certifications, for example, for Entry level, the most basic level is the CCENT exam, and then with the CCNA, you reach the Associate level, the professional, and finally Expert level. In addition to these, there are nine other paths, which are Routing& Switching, Network Security, Service Provider, Service Provider Operation, Design, Storage Networking Voice, Datacenter, and Industrial Network.

However, by using buyitcert.com you can get a certification without even giving the exam. On the website of buyitcert.com, you can hire a professional to take your test for you at one of the testing centers. Your score will be authentic and you may verify on the official company websites for which you are giving the test. In this case, it will be the official Cisco website. The deliverance of Cisco CCNA certification will occur after the verification of results.

After obtaining the Cisco CCNA, you have a wide variety of fields in which you can find work. Some of the fields that you can join are security, wireless, route/switch, and voice. For Routing/Switching, you should opt for the CCNP, which primarily concentrates on routing and switching for Enterprise networks; CCIP & CCIE SP, emphasize on the technologies used in SP environments; and the new CCNP and CCIE SP Ops, which provide an operational perspective in Service Provider environments.

After completing the Cisco CCNA, you can become a network administrator or engineer.

The Cisco CCNA ensures that you are knowledgeable and can perform the following skills:

  • You should be able to find and deal with network security threats.
  • Explain threat mitigation methods and measures to take for protection against threats.
  • Verify, troubleshoot, and configure routing and router operations on Cisco hardware.
  • A deep understanding of the interaction between various network topologies and you learn how to secure an IT network.
  • The working of a computer network and the interaction between computer networks with other devices on the network.



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