How to Take care of your Old Gaming consoles

Old Gaming consoles

The older generations of video game console sadly were not built in with the ability to stand the test of time.  Like everything they sadly do have an expiry date as well, while they may still be alive, well and working in your collection. But if you take proper care of them, you can definitely increase their life by a few more years. We are here today to offer you some useful tips that can be used to take proper care of your old, retro and vintage video game consoles.

 Store them in boxes

Invest in boxes to help yourself keep your retro consoles safe. You may have carelessly thrown away the box that your game console came in, to save space when you were younger, but now you will realize the fact that when they are becoming older and older, these boxes actually were designed to keep them away from damages. There is no problem in getting another box, as long as it is a card box that can be fold the ends in to keep the console safe and free from harm, it is perfect.

 Remove dust from them

The best investment to make is dust attractive clothes. Like the old console information says, you should never try water or liquid while cleaning dust from them and not to directly touch the chips inside with your fingers. The Dust attractive clothes are the best option in such cases. It is vital that you remove dust from your old gaming consoles as soon as you begin to see it. It is important that you implement a dusting schedule solely to clean your consoles, just like your other households. Keep in mind the information you get from the Old Game Consoles about cleaning and dust away.

 Do not fold up wires

Both the lifeline and longevity of your gaming consoles rely heavily up on the wires making it an essential part.  It is obvious, without them the console simply won’t work.  You need to do what you can to keep these wires safe, secure and stable. The weak and imperfection character of wires of old gaming consoles making it challenging to fold them up and store them away making the wires become loose and then preventing the console itself from working properly.  It would be better to lay them out flat and put the wire bit by bit avoiding it to become tangled and knotted and ensure that it will not be pulled when you remove it next time.

The fun and joy of playing retro video game is beyond words and it is essential to take care of it if you want to do so. Even with the Play Stations and Xbox dominating the gaming industry, retro games are still alive and well.

By simply storing you retro collection in boxes to protect them from damage, remove dust from them without liquid or without touching the fragile chips inside and by not folding up the wires you can keep it alive.

Perhaps one of the best gaming consoles the world has ever seen would be the NES. And we are a group of people who Still Luv Nes. Perhaps checking us out sometime will give you more perspective as to how we maintain consoles and cartridges to almost like its new.

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