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Why You Should Use Competitive Intelligence Tools to Get Ahead of Competition

Competitive Intelligence works by gathering and analyzing information from a competitor to gain a competitive business advantage. Its main aim is to make clear practices of the competition and the environment they work. With this information, a business differentiates between the challenges and opportunities to create effective and efficient business practices that will propel it forward.

Different intelligence tools

Countless intelligence tools in the market capture and analyze the competition to create a path where a business takes action. The results depend on the type of firm. Owners of different enterprises seeking to get ahead of the competition contract qualified companies such as NetBase Quid that dwell on customer needs and offer market intelligence to your business. It ensures that the industry’s marketing, product, sales, and leadership get the necessary information to fill the gaps not seen by competitors.

How to use these tools to get an advantage over the competition?

Businesses use competitive intelligence in analyzing strategies that competitors use, understanding why they are ahead of others. These tools are run with other data tools to show a buyer’s journey and future buying intentions.

  • Marketing

Competitive intelligence software in marketing helps to gather strategies competitions use. It includes all social media strategies, digital advertising strategies, content distribution, among others. A business can use the information to either replicate to get the same exposure or fill gaps after in-depth analysis.

  • Sales

Sales departments in businesses get to use the information on pricing, changes in the market, new acquisitions and price changes to ensure the best price is set at every particular time.

  • Product

Competitive software intelligence for the product department of a business will determine when and if a new product should be made. It also gives insights on how to make an existing product better. Product removal also ensures that the business can eliminate products that offer a company its bad image or, worse, drive potential customers to competitors.


Leadership such as senior executives responsible for the bulk of decisions in the business use the tools to determine the best investments to make. It will also help outlive future business strategies to offer the business a way of going forward.

When using such software for a competitive advantage, it is vital to distinguish it from other marketing intelligence software’s. It tracks the competition in everything from the digital footprint, reviews, events, product acceptance in the market and news. Using competitive intelligence will offer a means for your business to differentiate itself from others. The tools are especially vital if the business field is highly competitive, with multiple players. Potential customers may get many new offers, new products and series upgrades and new ways to save time and money. Without the tools, your business would be unaware of if it did not consider strategies of competition.

How to choose a competitive intelligence tool for your business?

The most important reason a company needs competitive intelligence is to get insights into what customers want and look for ways to satisfy those needs. When clarity comes to customers’ thoughts, choosing a competitive tool for your business depends on what the company seeks.

Some intelligence competitive tools work to:

  1. Give a general overview of the competition and dwell on the financial aspect
  2. Identify new upcoming competition and details where your business ranks
  3. Work to track social media news and alerts and conversations they are having with customers
  4. Changes in competitor’s websites
  5. Focus on improving SEO and organic searches
  6. Comparing digital advertisements to see what will work
  7. Marketing strategies and marketing decisions of competitors.

With numerous viable tools available, your business can gather information on the competition and plan for areas where it’s not performing well.

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