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What is PHP?

Hypertext Preprocessor: also known as PHP. One of the most baffling things about this specific language is that the first letter in the acronym is representing the whole acronym, for this reason, it is considered an easy task to master.

PHP is a kind of lettering language:

It is specifically designed to type material on web sites. Some people use this language to recover data from SQL databases. PHP is very helpful to create visuals like graphs and images. Image links and thumbnails can be easily created using this language. This language performs different web duties that help users to use a website, for instance approving passwords, attesting users, and handling posts are some major duties.

It’s a blessing for the users who don’t even know the basics of HTML because PHP can help them generate web content.

PHP and conventional forms of HTML differ slightly i.e. PHP is dynamic. However, both languages can be joined easily. HTML logics may be generated by PHP also.

Why choose PHP?

If you compare PHP to other lettering languages such as Perl, you will find PHP much easier to master than the Perl or Ruby. PHP is also easier to use as compared to any other language. You may have short writing. You may also find yourself less astonished to understand other’s writing and vice versa. As a content creator, we at PHP software Development Company find that PHP gives you just to the point information but it doesn’t have the diversity of application as Perl.

  • Sometimes PHP is preferred over ASP because license is required. So, coders use it to develop new products and content.
  • An interesting fact that makes PHP a unique scripting language is that PHP is platform-independent, and a lot of web creation companies allow using it for content creation.
  • You need to be aware of damages there are some cases reported of language been cracked.

History of PHP:

It is believed that PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page. Rasmus Lerdorfin1994 invented it. Rasmus used this language to track his visitors. With time, a lot of work was done on it to makes it a complete set of languages. All the work was completed until the mid-1990s.

The history tells us two names Israel’s Andi Gutmans and ZeevSuraski who used PHP to run an e Commerce site in 1997 which was a major achievement. Their version was named as PHP 3.0, and it had all the excellent features.

Then, we saw version 4.0 in 2004 with more improvements. Later on, version 5.0 was released with a more secure set of languages. This version has been in use to date with improvements for Software Development Company.

How to learn PHP?

When you’ve got basic learning of HTML, you can start learning PHP. There is a learning manual available on the website of php software Development Company. It’s divided into the following sections like the guide on how to install and configure PHP. There is also a section that includes security issues, according to every type of installation. You can also find PHP lessons and different procedures from our page and our experienced instructors.

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