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Jump To The Fore-front With Big Data Analytics Using Python

Data analytics is quickly becoming a high-paying skill. The ability to accumulate and analyse data is where many companies are investing. The data science course with python from Zeolearn coaches you to on how to use the open source software to visualise vast amounts of data and create effective machine learning through data incorporation. This skill is valuable in most industries across the spectrum. The intensive data science with python training program covers fundamental principles of python used in data science. This course is built for everyone regardless of your experience with the software. The course is led by experienced instructors over a 40-hour module with hands-on training, giving you a valuable insight into the inner mechanism of data science.

What the Course is About

The data science with python course is a cross-dimensional program that covers the key elements of three sought-after skills – Data Science, Data Analytics and Python, an open source tool for machine learning. This course gives professionals the ability to cover a range of topics like the visualisation of data, analysis of big data and machine learning incorporated data mining. Professionals are offered the option of learning in a convenient online setting or in the traditional classroom.

This unique course in data science using Python has a curriculum created by experts in both Python and Data sciences who came together to deliver the course in an easy to understand, relatable and hands-on method of education. The course is in-depth and covers the basics of Python through a crash course on Python before delving into advanced features of Python and how it can be used for machine learning and data analytics.

During this course you will learn key data science skills like K means clustering, K nearest neighbours and deep learning with Python principles like NumPy, Panda, Plotly, Matplotlib and Seaborn. The course also covers an overview of features like Tensorflow, Jupyter and Spark.

You will, in the course learn to connect Python to SQL, understand Neural Nets and Support Vendor Machines. Additionally, you will understand the Python decision tree, learn how to use Cufflinks in Python for visualisation. Other features included in this course are elements like Cross Validation and Bias-Variance Trade-Off, Logistic Regression, Principle Component Analysis and Natural Language Processing.

Key Takeaways

With data science with python, you have access to a course aimed at both beginners and experts in the field of data analytics and machine learning. This course incorporates key elements of evolutionary data analytics with data science in order to improve coding for machine learning. This creates a set of unique skills that are in demand across industries.

Why Zeolearn

Zeolearn an education leader in Data science, their certifications ensure that you are considered a trained professional with highly effective skills in data analytics, data science and machine learning. They are an industry leader in the IT education industry with the best minds aiming to create curriculums that are cutting edge and ahead of the fray.



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