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DISH Network v/s DirecTV- Make a Sensible Choice

Dish network provides internet. What you need to do is to add a router to the wireless part.

Dish Network WIFI is what people love the most. You can connect to WIFI by WIFI adaptor or internet wireless very easily. The process to connect it is not much difficult.

This allows the internet addicts to browse online at quite an affordable price. Not only its price is cheaper, but its speed also attracts the customers to use this service and enjoy its perks.

Main Satellite Providers:

DISH Network and DirecTV are two main satellite TV dealers leading the present market of United States.

  • Both the companies are viable in terms of an excellent programming package, affordable price, and instant installation assistance.
  • Also, the subscribers can get digital video recording and international programming facility from both DISH Network and DirecTV service providers.
  • Both DISH Network and DirecTV provide their subscribers with excellent customer assistance round the clock.

Therefore, while shopping for a satellite TV connection, DISH Network and DirecTV will equally deserve your consideration.

But, as marketing formula suggests one product will always trump the other.

Comparison between the Service Providers:

So let’s make a comparison between these two satellite TV service providers and pick the most suitable one for your service.

DISH Network v/s DirecTV- Programming Package:

To the present market, DISH Network is making a big splash with diverse superior quality programming options and plenty of customizations facilities.

Number of Channels:

  • DISH Network offers up to 295 satellite TV channels (depending upon your choice of the package) to their standard programming package whereas DirecTV offers only 250.
  • The international channel count is also greater in DISH Network offers.
  • They provide 21 international channels while DirecTV gives only 11. DirecTV broadcast around 70 high definition channels whereas DISH Network offers 200 HD channels (with America’s “Everything” Pak) in total.

Types of Programs:

Now you must also consider the type of programs you are getting your package and whether they are meeting your desire or not.

  • Both of the satellite TV service providers offer a great variety of channels that include movies, sports, news, kid’s channels and other interactive supplementary channels.
  • But if you are a movie buff and die to watch latest releases, DISH Network would be your choice as they provide a huge variety of both local and international movie, music and other entertainment channels in high definition format.
  • DirecTV offers more variety in their sports packages.

DirecTV v/s DISH Network- Equipment and Peripherals: 


You will get needed dish TV equipment from both DISH Network and DirecTV dealers.

Besides a television set up, the dish TV equipment broadly involves satellite TV dish, Satellite TV receiver, digital video recorder and a satellite remote control device.

The satellite TV dealers commonly offer 4 types of satellite TV receivers designed to transmit specific programming format.

DVR System:

Both DISH Network and DirecTV offer HD DVR system but DISH Network DVR can record 350 hours of satellite program whereas DirecTV DVR can record only 100 hours.

Promotional Offers:

DISH Network offers HD receiver and DVR system to their first-time subscribers as a promotional offer but DirecTV subscribers have to meet several terms and conditions to get the offer.

Shipping Cost:

Besides, there are other discounts and perk available depending on specific dealers of both the companies but DirecTV charge a shipping cost for outstation delivery which is never applicable in DISH Network.

Economical One:

This way you will find DISH Network is offering satellite services little more economic way than DirecTV offers and packages.

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