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5 things to check before buying a used or refurbished iPhone

Before yielding to the temptation to Buy Used iPhone, make your back by performing some checks using dedicated tools.

If everyone cannot afford a state-of-the-art iPhone, the imminent release of a new Apple terminal usually lowers the price of the second-hand market. If you are tempted by this adventure, know that it is not without risk and that it is advisable to take your precautions by carrying out some checks of use before your acquisition, that you buy your smartphone of occasion, or that you opt for a reconditioned model, in principle less risky.

We recommend you to check several information before meeting the seller.

1. View the status of the activation lock

Since the arrival of activation lock with iOS 7, many people who bought a used iPhone found themselves after a few days with a splendid door cleat headed in place of a functional iPhone. Their mobile suddenly stopped working, and a window asking them to enter the previous owner’s iCloud password was displayed. Only problem, without this password that can remove the association of the iPhone with the iCloud account, the smartphone is and remains unusable.

This feature was put in place by Apple to stem iPhone theft by linking an iCloud account to the device. By doing this, it is possible to locate the device on a map, but also to send a message on the screen, to lock the use, or delete the personal data it contains, all remote.

The first step before you rush to this good deal is to ask the seller to unlink the iCloud account from the device. You can very easily check whether the iPhone is blocked or not by visiting the dedicated online service set up by Apple. Just enter the serial number or IMEI of the device you want to buy to see if the activation lock is active or not. You will find it on the box, but also in Settings> General> Information.

2. Check the unlocking

If this may seem obvious to techies, less savvy users may not think to check that the iPhone purchased is unlocked. If there is no magic solution to perform the verification, remember to insert your SIM card on the day of purchase to ensure that the network is well recognized. Otherwise, you will be sentenced to change operator (and package).

3. Check the concordance of the IMEI

It may seem staggering, but it is perfectly possible to create a functional iPhone from iPhone HS parts. To make sure your device has not been boned by anyone, be sure to check that the IMEI listed in the Device Settings matches the IMEI displayed on the shell.

4. View the warranty status

The guarantee, especially for a second-hand purchase, is another element to take into account. Some sellers may use it as a selling point to inflate the price, and a terminal still under warranty may still be eligible for Apple’s Apple warranty extension. To check the status of the warranty of an iPhone, Apple has, again, set up a page on its website. Just enter the serial number or IMEI of the device.

5. Check the number of charge cycles of the battery

If you must be already in possession of the device to perform the manipulation, check the number of charging cycles of the battery of your iPhone can be a good indicator of wear of the smartphone, especially if you acquired a reconditioned model.

Several sellers have specialized in repackaging smartphones, especially iPhone. If upon receipt of the package the device seems like new, you still have your withdrawal period if you change your mind or simply if the device does not work properly.


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