Computers and Technology
What is PHP?

Hypertext Preprocessor: also known as PHP. One of the most baffling things about this specific language is that the first letter in the acronym is representing the whole acronym, for Continue Reading


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The Role of Dashboards In Business Intelligence

  Business intelligence is crucial in today’s entrepreneurial world. It comes with vital tools such as dashboards. A dashboard is a management tool that expresses information through Key Performance Indicators Continue Reading

How Technology has Helped the Word Processing World

I was one of the typewriter users back in the day. I would get anxious when I made a mistake on the typewriter. I remember making mental notes of all Continue Reading

Spyware and Viruses
Completely different Social Engineering Assault Vectors

Social engineering is a method of hacking the place the social engineer tries to trick somebody into divulging delicate data equivalent to login credentials, bank card quantity, or a social Continue Reading

How Does a UTM Firewall Shield Your Enterprise?

If you choose up a private laptop from a vendor, chances are high that it’s going to have an especially primary firewall pre-installed. These consumer-grade firewalls go away a lot Continue Reading

How to Stay Ahead of the Competition as a Startup Business

There are few things trickier than managing a startup business in a competitive business landscape. Not only do you have to compete against other startups clawing their way to the Continue Reading

What Is An Access Point And How Can You Use Your Netgear Range Extender As One

The improvement in WiFi technology is visible everywhere, be it offices, shopping complexes, homes, or anywhere. While homes and small offices usually keep wireless routers and range extenders, huge workplace Continue Reading

Looking at Your Business Needs for Your Internet Service

If you are trying to start an online business, then you are going to have to be careful about the type of internet service. You are going to have to Continue Reading

The Importance of Implementing SEO in Online Article Writing

The concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has transformed the digital marketing industry over the past decade. SEO strategies are leveraged to provide greater search engine visibility to websites, and Continue Reading